Progressive Futures

Laying the foundations for a Labour century

21 September 2014

There is an enormous opportunity for social democracy in the years and decades ahead if change is faced head on by matching long-term national leadership with a commitment to building capacity and resources within individuals, families and communities.

This collection of essays by a new generation of Labour MPs brings together ideas on how the centre-left can maintain its electoral appeal and remain an effective force for progress amidst the major economic and political challenges of our times.

From the decline in trust and engagement in political institutions, the rise of emerging economies, increasing global instability, to dazzling technological change making existing jobs redundant, Laying the Foundations for a Labour Century argues that Labour needs to harness the unstoppable forces of change for good rather than attempting to reverse them.

The essays point strongly to the need to give more power to individuals and communities as a way to renew our democracy after the seismic shock of the Scotland vote.

Ahead of the launch at Labour party conference, the editors John Woodcock and Liz Kendall said:“The point is “people power” – giving people themselves the tools to change their own lives rather than simply handing control to new institutions or politicians that could be as remote from the public as Westminster currently seems.”

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