Britain and Europe

Brexit Britain

29 March 2017

Where does the UK growth model go from here?

Andrew Gamble
Scott Lavery

This Brief is the third of a series drawing on the project ‘Diverging Capitalisms? Britain, the City of London and Europe’ led by FEPS, Policy Network and SPERI, which aims to consider the changing nature of the British economy, its place within the European economic space and the consequences of Brexit. The findings presented here take the analysis developed as part of the workshop entitled ‘After Brexit: British and EU capitalisms at the crossroads?’ held in Brussels on March 24th 2017. In this Brief we provide an overview of the sustainability of the existing British growth strategy, the potential development trajectories of the British model of competitiveness following EU withdrawal, and the strategic disorientation of British business groups.


This policy brief is a product of our joint research programme with Speri and Feps.

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