Progressive Futures

Generation Europe

12 February 2018

How young Europeans need to step up and save their continent

Sandro Gozi
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The decision of the British people to leave the EU was a political earthquake, but it is just one of many crises to hit Europe in recent years. External challenges such as migration flows and security, as well as internal factors – slow economic recovery and rising nationalism and populism – have left the EU in a crisis of confidence.

All this is happening as a new generation of European leaders rises to political seniority. This group, shaped in their youth by improved access to travel and cultural exchange through brilliant initiatives like the Erasmus programme, faces extraordinary circumstances in which courage and vision are required.

Sandro Gozi, a member of this ‘Generation Erasmus’, takes us on a journey through the challenges Europe faces, exploring causes and solutions, and reflects on his cohort’s commitment to building transnational policies to address common problems and give Europe a better future.