The Dutch election: Lessons for Europe’s progressives?

Join Policy Network and Das Progressive Zentrum to discuss the outcome from the Netherlands and lessons learned for Europe’s progressives in times of Covid-19

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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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At the moment, the political situation in the Netherlands is unique. Mark Rutte and his government resigned over a childcare allowance scandal earlier this year. Nevertheless, the Netherlands are experiencing similar political challenges as other European countries, including the prevailing pandemic, political fragmentation of the progressive camp, a global economic downturn, and political pressure from the far right.

The outcomes of the Dutch election will provide policymakers, campaigners, thinkers, and strategists with insights as to how voters responded to the prevailing political challenges and societal crisis. How did progressives position themselves during their campaigns and how did voters react? Which coalition options are on the table? And what can progressives from other European countries learn from the results and political dynamics in the run-up to the election?

Two progressive strategists from the Netherlands will set the scene by sharing their analysis of the election outcome and insights on the campaign in times of Covid-19. During this event, we would like to explore with you what the key takeaways for progressives from across the continent are.



  • René Cuperus, Senior associate research fellow, Clingendael International Institute (The Hague) and visiting fellow, Germany Institute, University of Amsterdam
  • Noortje Thijssen, Director, Scientific Bureau, Green Party (GroenLinks), the Netherlands, and candidate, Green Party in the Dutch general election
  • Patrick Diamond, Co-chair, Policy Network



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This event is held in partnership with Das Progressive Zentrum.

Attendance is free and open to all.

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