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Towards a new pensions settlement — Volume II

12 April 2018

The international experience, volume II

Gregg McClymont
Andy Tarrant
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In a world of ageing populations and in the midst of a global shift from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution (DC) pensions, the onus is increasingly on individuals rather than employers to bear the risks of retirement provision.

This book weighs on the experiences of eight nations across the Americas, Asia and Europe. All are early adopters of DC pensions, but each have very different experiences of mitigation of that risk by the state, either directly through the degree of generosity of the state pension or indirectly through the regulation of private pension provision.

As the United Kingdom (and the rest of the world) gears up for the age of DC pensions, in this volume different approaches to pension scheme design are examined. Best practice is always worth learning from, and each chapter is written by an expert on their chosen pension system.

Volume I (originally published 2016) can be read here.

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