Tomorrow's Economy

Aiming high

24 May 2016

Progressive Politics in a High-Risk, High-Opportunity Era

Florian Ranft

Progressive politics finds itself in an incredibly testing era. Accelerating economic, social and political shifts have left electorates across the globe in a rebellious mood. Parties on the traditional centre left are now facing unprecedented populist pressure – from both the conservative right and the radical left – as they strain to appeal to voters.

Even in government, progressives are struggling to keep their political offer up to speed with the pace of change around them. They risk irrelevance as electorates, overwhelmed by economic upheaval, find easy answers elsewhere.

But there is an opportunity: to harness a positive vision of innovation and develop a new narrative. To succeed, this narrative must demonstrate that the benefits of change can be reaped by all, even by those who currently feel most under threat.

Aiming High offers both fresh analysis and new reforming ideas for progressives worldwide. It brings together leading centre-left thinkers, policymakers and politicians to plot the best route for progressives to capitalise on – and indeed thrive in – this new high-risk, high-opportunity era.

This publication was launched at the Progressive Governance Conference 2016, a Policy Network event held in conjunction with the Swedish Social Democratic party.